Andean Stones


Iridescent sea mollusk. It symbolizes elevation because the 7 rays of the rainbow are manifested in this coloured shell, which all together produce the white ray. It is the materialization of the commitment to become ONE WITH GOD. "Together we are the majority".



Transparent violet coloured stone. It represents the ray of forgiveness, of transformation and of transmutation. It is the ray of Master Saint Germain and the ray of the NEW ERA. Therefore, its energy is good to harmonize our feminine genes as well. It provides us with compassion, mercy and liberation. It helps to change all the negative into positive. It clears the mind from negative thoughts.


Crystal quartz or Mother of Pearl

Transparent white stone. Represents the combination of the 7 rays, it symbolizes ascension, purity and resurrection. It is an energy accumulator. It amplifies the bio-energetic field. Transmutes negative energy in positive energy.


Rose quartz

Rose stone. It opens the doors to the unconditional cosmic love: giving without expecting receiving. It symbolizes beauty, cohesion and tolerance.


Chorito or Purple Spondylus

Violet coloured large mussel. Therefore, it works with the violet ray of forgiveness, of transformation and of transmutation. It has the same qualities as the AMETHYST and all other violet stones, whether opaque or transparent.


Lapis lazuli

Blue stone. It works with the crystal blue ray. It amplifies the field and power of the bio-energetic body (ASTRAL) making it stronger. It provides protection and elevation of our own faith.


Black onix

Black stone. It rejects and neutralizes low vibration energies such as hatred, resentment, envy, bad will and evil.


Andean opal

Various colours. It is good to stabilize the nervous system and to fight allergies.



It works with the golden ruby (orange) ray. It is a sea shell known as MULLU in the inka language. It provides a state of inner peace, in all we have created and in the relationship with the outside world, which is all we accept from outside. It also provides grace, serenity and patience.


Topaz or Nacar

Golden yellow stone. It provides illumination, initiative, imagination, divine intelligence, sacred knowledge and wisdom. It works with the golden yellow ray.


Turquoise, Malaquite, Copper Oxide

Green stone. It works with the ray for healing the physical, mental or psychological and spiritual bodies. It provides concentration, consagration and the truth.