Andean Iconography

Alpaca and Llama

It is the expression of Mother Earth (Mama Pacha) in the Animal Kingdom. It symbolizes Service of Love. These animals provide wool, meat, fur, bones, the heart and intestines for the omen as well as their excrement used as the most powerful natural fertilizer that the Andean man has ever known. Its lard represents the Seminal Male Energy which engenders New Life or New Vital Energy.



It is used as protection of the seven (7) bodies, it attracts healing and harmonizing energy, it eliminates dense energies and amplifies natural abilities of the person using it, to unlimited levels. It contains elements of the three kingdoms: animals, plants and minerals.


Andean Royal Eagle

It has the same value of the Condor (Liberation). It helps human beings to liberate themselves from past sufferings, limitations, doubts and fears, self-imposed or imposed by others.



Rhombus shaped ceremonial vessel, used to store sacred liquids; such as chicha, wachuma or San Pedrito and others. It is also used to keep sacred aphrodisiac liquids. The rhombus shape represents two complementary triangles for receiving the donation, gifts and services of God and of human gratitude, perfect communion of the cosmos and earth.



It is the key to open the portals of sacred and secret knowledge of oneself, to be able to walk in the path of self knowledge, through self observation.



It symbolizes the liberation of pains, sufferings, internal and external limitations and liberation of sense of guilt, especially doubts. It represents the Hanan Pacha, our spiritual world in communion with father. It works with the pink ray which is unconditional cosmic love.



When it is facing upwards, it symbolizes the self-fulfillment that God offers to all human beings. When it is facing downwards, it symbolizes the spiral that leads us to self-fulfillment and to feel gratitude towards God.


Cosmic Andean Man

It symbolizes the work to harmonize the solar plexus: emotions, perceptions, sensations and low vibration feelings. It makes you understand that all that remains empty is dangerous. It has to be filled in with positive energy to reach your balance or point of equilibrium.


Decapitator of Defects

For the Mochica civilization, AI-APAEC was part of father creator that came from the sea, and after complying with his mission in the Andes (teach the divine knowledge and practice the return to God), wings grew on him and he flew away to eternity. Its main practice is to decapitate defects.



It is the symbol of UNCONDITIONAL FRIENDSHIP with all and with everybody. It is also the perfect communion that should exist among human beings and their totem animals and with all other animals as well.



It harmonizes the three higher levels of consciousness, and provides the faculties of the natural elements: water, air and earth to work with.


Father Sun : Taita Inti

It is the physical, energetic and spiritual manifestation (in micro-micro measure) of the total or central father sun, which would be God in his masculine manifestation, called Pachakamac. It also is the energy of God as TIME, in his power to create, recreate and procreate, donating and providing all we need to be harmonious and happy. It manifests in our planetary system through APU NINA (Sacred Fire) and in the mineral kingdom as GOLD.



It represents fertility, not only for the reproduction of plants, animals or things, but in all levels and sub-levels of the visible and invisible worlds in good health, good economy and love; in the physical, psychological (mental) and spiritual worlds or bodies.



It symbolizes astuteness, not in a pejorative sense, but in the sense of being capable of solving any kind of difficulties, opening consciously the gift of listening to mother nature, which is the best guide and advisor to materialize and crystallize our main purposes in LIFE.



It is the perfect connnection between God and the person using the hummingbird. It is the messenger between human beings and light beings.


Idol of Polarity

Bearer of harmony between man and woman. Being boyfriend and girlfriend, engaged or mainly husband and wife. The IDOL OF POLARITY harmonizes the masculine and feminine genes, making possible that the couple rises to the point of equilibrium, in their physical, mental or psychological and spiritual worlds, through which they will obtain good health, good economy and, most important, LOVE.


Lord of Sipan with mouth ornament

Priest, emperor and warrior of the Light. His greatest power is the WISE ART OF THE USE OF THE WORD: FULFILLING POWER OF THE VERB... “...and the Verb became flesh...” The gold mouth ornament symbolizes that we must only open our mouths to say trascendental and practical things in LIFE. It symbolizes healing through the gift of the healing word: a prayer.


Love Drop or Genius

It symbolizes a cosmic drop, which is an eternal and never ending fountain of love. As it is in the magic of the sacred fire. WHERE ONLY ONE SPARKLE CAN ENLIGHTEN ALL THE UNIVERSE; in the same way, ONLY ONE DROP OF LOVE CAN FLOOD THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE WITH LOVE.



Ritualistic piece. With respect to human beings, it symbolizes knowing themselves as they really are, take off the mask and leave the false image they project to others. Show thems as they really are, not as they think they are or as they want others to think they are. Take off the mask or masks! In ritualistic feasts (sacred music and dance), when they wear the masks of the totem animals, the intention is to bring certain animal as main ally, so all his capacities and natural abilities, his force and all his power is received by the person wearing the mask. As a funerary object, it symbolizes the ability to show what one already knows he is "As you are, I used to be, as I am, you will be".


Moche Angel

Light being, personal protector and guide of the community or Mochica reign.



It means harmonious control over the mind and reaching the POINT OF EQUILIBRIUM.


Mother Moon

Mama Killa. It is the energy of God in his feminine polarity (SPACE: all sacred spaces of the visible and invisible worlds), manifested in our planetary system as Apu Unu (water), as Apu Para (rain), as Mama Qocha (sea), as Mama Tata Qoqa Qocha (Lake Titikaka) and as Willka Mayus (the sacred rivers). In the mineral kingdom it manifests as Apu Qolqe (gold or silver), with enough alchemic power to support LIFE in the NEW MILLENIUM, and maintain creation, recreation and procreation in all its sacred spaces or its power fields in the visible and invisible worlds.



It symbolizes the conscious use of our third eye, our intuition, which is the beginning of the SACRED KNOWLEDGE, when practiced; it elevates you to illumination and wisdom.



It has the shape of a foetus and therefore it symbolizes the CHOSEN SEED for a NEW LIFE full of prosperity. It also symbolizes the fountain of the eternal VITALITY and the maximum power of the higher spirit.



It symbolizes the joy of life and for good company.



It is an investigation object to obtain answers on matters that are fair, necessary and trascendental and, in that way, be able to crystallize our maximum aspirations. Hold the pendulum in the right hand and over the left hand where all the lines of the hand join, 3 cms. Over the palm, close the eyes and make a mental question. Open the eyes to watch the oscilation. A straight line movement to the forefinger means yes, a straight movement towards the wrist is no, a clockwise movement is yes and a counter clockwise is no.



It represents the Kay Pacha, our earthly physical world. The Puma is an animal that teaches us to live in an eternal PRESENT, without internal or external limitations, nor territories. The Puma is a totem animal that works with the willingness and the strength of the spirit. That is why Pachakutec rebuilt Qosqo with the shape of a Puma, meaning that in this sacred space or power field, the solar plexus is harmonized, which governs all thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, perceptions and visualizations. The total balance of the physical and economic world is worked and healed, from the very micro to the very macro. It works with the CRYSTAL BLUE ray of divine protection and elevation of faith LLANKAY.


Puma Wari

Mythical animal with the body of the puma, the wings of the condor and over his head carries a crown with a serpent. That means the total harmony of the three fundamental bodies: physical, psychological and spiritual.



A flower which is a national symbol in Peru. It symbolizes the blooming of all good and fair thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, perceptions and actions. The person that works with this symbol is receiving the NECTAR OF LIFE and as this flower has the shape of a bell, the person also receives joy and constant happiness.


Qorikuka (Gold Coca or Andean Venus)

It represents Mother Earth; Mama Pacha, that absorbs, transforms and transmutes the dense energies of the person, using this symbol, into subtle energies, into light, into high speed vibration. It means that with the help of the energy of the sacred coca leave, the person carries out the alchemic process of turning lead (all negative energies) into gold (the maximum positive energies).


Sechin’s Flying head

It symbolizes the elevation of the widened consciousness of the high sacred wisdom.


Serpent: Amaru (feathered serpent with wings)

It represents the uju pacha or inner world that is our mental or psychological world. It symbolizes illumination, imagination, sacred Knowledge, divine intelligence and wisdom. It works with the GOLDEN YELLOW ray.


Two-headed Serpent

Its two heads represent the perfect polarity of wisdom, of illumination, of imagination, of divine intelligence and of sacred knowledge. It is the precise balance between the positive and negative energetic poles, between day and night, between male and female, between above and below, between inside and outside, between white and black, which make a COMPLEMENT to each other to create, recreate and procreate in the visible and invisible worlds all what human beings need to have self-knowledge which leads to self-fulfillment, once the person reaches the POINT OF EQUILIBRIUM or stops being plural to become a UNITY with FATHER AND MOTHER CREATOR, rising to the ECSTASY OF SUBLIME HAPPINESS.



In the Andean terminology Paq'o is the name given to a human being, man or woman, who has reached self-knowledge and has specialized in some healing techniques with natural elements. Those who are in the higher hierarchies are called Paq'o, and those who are in lower hierarchies are called Hampeq. He is able to be in communion with his own human nature and with the nature of the Mama Pacha and through her with the sacred cosmic nature, wisely using the sacred elements; water (UNU), fire (NINA), air (WAYRA) and sacred earth (WILLKA ALLPA), everything being processed by the Mama Pacha (Mother Earth), to achieve good health, good economy and love in the three fundamental bodies or worlds, physical and economic world (KAY PACHA), mental or psychological world (UJU PACHA) and vitality or vital energy.



It symbolizes perfection, because she creates her world bringing out everything she needs from herself. In that way, she builds a perfect sacred geometric weaving. There she is born, she grows, she reproduces, she lives and she dies. Shamans also use spiders for divination.



Ceremonial knife used also for high surgery. The figure (NAYLAMP) represents the physical earthly materialization of God, father creator, recreator and procreator and the physical, psychological and spiritual labour to create, recreate and procreate good health, good economy and unconditional love. Naylamp, according to Andean myths, came out from the ocean, he taught on earth the way to live in perfect communion with the cosmic laws and to be eternally happy, during his long pilgrimage through hundreds and thousands of years from the north coast of the Pacific Ocean through the ray of Wiraqocha up to hatun malqui (the greatest TREE OF LIFE) in Tampu-Kiru, where he finished his mission as TUNUPA (Ekeko), wings grew on him and he flew away, with his physical body, to become a unity with FATHER AND MOTHER CREATOR. It also symbolizes MENTAL SURGERY (psychological) and SPIRITUAL SURGERY which continue being carried out on the "MESA" or altar that has the shape of a bird with human head in Tampu-Kiru.



Wild Andean hare. It symbolizes man's veneration towards the cosmos or universe. It concedes the gift of ATTENTION to receive the sacred knowledge through divine intelligence, which illuminates and prepares us to receive and interpret the divine messages that come from the visible and invisible worlds and from the animal, the plant and the mineral kingdoms.