Peruvian Jewelry Why Switch to Handmade Accessories

Nice Peruvian Jewelry

Peruvian Jewelry Why Switch to Handmade Accessories?

Peruvian jewelry is among the local specialties that a visitor gets to discover in this lovely South American country. Being a home to the world’s greatest civilizations, Peru enjoys a cultural mix which cannot be found anywhere else. As a way of preserving an ancient art, the native artisans have brought into the world ornamental pieces that represent their glorious past. But these accessories are not necessarily an extension of a culture. They now rank among the most valuable fashion articles of all time due to their exquisite craftsmanship that exceeds that of the mass-produced jewelry items.

Peruvian Jewelry - Silver NecklaceIf you have not been introduced to the beauty of Peruvian jewelry, chances are you are not abreast with the current fashion. Indeed, this kind of accessories has taken the world by storm, and many designers have attempted to replicate its look in various ways. Still, no one can capture the Peruvian appeal of the jewelry pieces. But why do you have to switch from typical metal accessories to this exotic jewelry?

Peruvian Jewelry Handcrafted From Scratch

The jewelry industry in Peru is not as huge as the ones that manufacture metal ornamental pieces. It is basically run by artisans whose tradition is passed along the family line in an act of preservation. Instead of machinery, these people are the ones behind the creation of fashion accessories such as necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets. It must be clear now that every piece of jewelry is made by the skilled hands of Peruvian jewelers.

Peruvian Jewelry - Silver BraceletCompared to cheap accessories that are machine-produced, the Peruvian jewelry has more value and is a lot more worthy of becoming a family heirloom. The quality of handcrafted jewelry is so impressive that it is impossible to believe it is made by bare hands. This kind of trade also has a huge significance in the micro-economic nature of the industry. It helps the local craftsmen to maintain their jobs and provide for their families.

Sterling Silver at its Best

Peruvian artisans take pride in the fact that they manufacture their own silver alloy. But unlike the others, theirs has a high silver content, which means that it is purer, shinier and better than the rest. Actually, Peru is known for its abundant source of silver. Somehow, it is not surprising that the local jewelers would add plenty of silver into the metal mix just to produce a genuine sterling silver. Such dedication to quality is so uncommon in the industry since many artisans are likely to shortchange customers by giving them inferior products.

Peruvian Jewelry Embodiment of Peruvian Culture

Peruvian Jewelry - Silver EarringsIf you want to sport a unique accessory, your best bet is to go Peruvian. Most of the jewelry pieces that the country produces are linked with the Incas tradition and beliefs. However, this is not to say that the aesthetic aspect of the jewelry is being compromised. As a matter of fact, the interesting union of craftsmanship and iconography is the only defining quality of these accessories. The Peruvian jewelry is a good example of how culture can be preserved through decorative art.

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