Things You Should Know About Peruvian Jewelry

Fine Peruvian Jewelry

Things You Should Know About Peruvian Jewelry

Peruvian jewelry has come a long way since being plain manifestations of a great ancient tradition. Today, it is one of the highly appreciated fashion articles that never fail to get everyone’s attention. While the accessories may have strong cultural influences, it is no doubt that they have achieved a level of popularity that is rare for most locally manufactured jewelry. Indeed, there are reasons why the Peruvian accessories are such a global hit. Here are some of the special attributes of these jewelry items that you will surely love:

Peruvian Jewelry Features

Peruvian Jewelry on Peru And ArtsExotic Elegance – From mythical creatures such as the Moche Angel and Puma Wari, to the famous Andean birds like the hummingbird and condor (large vulture native to the Andes), Peruvian iconography is present in almost every aspect of jewelry making. This set of prominent Incan symbols benefits the creation of exquisite accessories in such a way that it provides an inspiration for the designs. Because of the somewhat religious nature of the images, not to mention the skill that goes with its manufacture, this jewelry remains to be one of a kind.
The fact that they are exotic has also added to their appeal. Unlike metal accessories, it is impossible to acquire a genuine Peruvian ornament from other parts of the world. The Andean civilizations were based in Peru; hence, the only people who can produce authentic jewelry pieces are the local craftsmen.

Peruvian Silver BraceletSymbolism – Several fans of Peruvian jewelry believe that the accessories also hold some kind of lucky charm or positive energy. Just like the birthstones found in most contemporary bracelets and necklaces, Peruvian accessories are thought to have special meanings for the wearer. In fact, they are not simply inspired by the beliefs of the Incan people; they indeed represent the values inherent to each of the mythical characters of the Andean culture. For example, the condor design on a Peruvian silver necklace symbolizes the freedom from all negativity. Although it doesn’t guarantee luck or protection, the wearer may sense its effect on personality.
Aside from the creative use of silver for producing tribal motifs, the local artisans have also incorporated precious stones into the designs. These jewelry-worthy stones have their own unique representations. When combined with the Andean iconography, they produce a striking effect not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in a philosophical sense.

Peruvian Silver NecklacePerfect Complement for Any OutfitPeruvian jewelry items are lauded for their versatility and contemporary look. Despite the influence of cultural art, the skilled jewelers of Peru have managed to integrate modern tastes and innovative styles into their designs. As it turned out, many of the Peruvian accessories match all kinds of attire perfectly. Whether your style is formal, casual or edgy, you can use virtually any jewelry items to go with your wardrobe.

Reasonably-Priced – Finally, there is one kind of jewelry that is as wonderful as gold, yet doesn’t cost as much. Thanks to direct merchants, the prices of the accessories are made easy on the pockets through the elimination of middlemen. In short, the suppliers are working directly with the artisans who manufacture the Peruvian jewelry.

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