Macrame Jewelry The Return of the Handcrafted Fashion Accessories

Peruvian Macrame Jewelry

Macrame Jewelry: The Return of the Handcrafted Fashion Accessories

Macrame jewelry may sound foreign to those who have been accustomed to metallic fashion accessories. The fact is that, this jewelry style has been around since the rise of ancient civilizations. Somehow, the Peruvian artisans were able to see its potential in the contemporary macrame jewelry industry through the blending of modern and traditional influences. Currently, it is one of the most adored handcrafted jewelries in the fashion community.

Unique Qualities of Macrame Jewelry

Macrame Jewelry on Peru And ArtsUnlike the popular jewelry metals like gold and silver, macrame jewelry makes use of readily-available materials such as hemp, yarn and wax cord for creating exquisite accessories. The main work is consists of a series of knots resembling a lacy pattern. It is from which the decorative stones and beads are threaded to produce a striking jewelry piece.

Because of its fine art quality, macrame also came to be known as “wearable art”. Its style cannot simply be replicated by machinery. Every pattern is distinct from the others as they are manually produced by skilled jewelers.

Macrame in History

Peruvian Macrame BraceletThe first appearance of macrame dates back to as far as the 13th century. Although it did not originate in Peru, the ingenuity of its artisans has enabled the preservation of this craft. Over the years, the Peruvian natives have labored to enrich this art through their own special way.

In the global fashion scene, macrame has enjoyed huge popularity during the Victorian era and the 1970’s neo-hippie movement. Despite the growing competition from other ornamental styles, it has remained a mainstay in the Peruvian jewelry industry. In fact, the kind of accessories that have a huge South American influence is now collectively known as Peruvian macrame.

Why Wear Macrame Jewelry

Peruvian Macrame NecklaceThe recent comeback of macrame trend may have been inspired by several factors. For the longest time, metal accessories have dominated the market and it is no wonder that people are now looking for “fresh ideas” for their jewelry. While hardly anything new to the industry, macrame jewelry fits the current demand perfectly. It provides a pleasant break from the typical glitter of metallic accessories. Those who have already grown tired of gold and metal alloy necklaces will surely find macrame an ideal style to wear for almost any occasion given its versatile appeal.

Ever since the Peruvian artisans have adopted the technique into their jewelry making, they have been using this opportunity to showcase the traditions of the great Andean civilizations. A piece of culture is carefully woven into every macrame jewelry article, making it an extension of the enduring Peruvian heritage. Most of the patterns typically represent the culture of the Incas. Designs such as the Andean flower and star are directly inspired by the ancient beliefs of these people. Indeed, one can say that owning a Peruvian macrame accessory is like having a glimpse of culture.

Aside from the cultural value of macrame accessories, people also love the fact that they are handcrafted to perfection by local artisans. The designers put in great effort to produce unique pieces using their bare hands. Thus, compared to the ones produced through machinery, quality is more guaranteed in macrame jewelry.

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