Macrame Jewelry The Anatomy of a Handcrafted Accessory

Peruvian Macrame Jewelry

Macrame Jewelry: The Anatomy of a Handcrafted Accessory

If you are one of the lucky people to have lived through the grunge era, perhaps you already have an idea what macrame jewelry look like. It is during those carefree days that this kind of accessory had become widely popular since the glorious reign of Queen Victoria. It took years before this trend has resurfaced in the modern fashion scene and gained a new following. Nevertheless, the comeback of macrame proved more promising now that innovations in the designs have replaced their otherwise retro appeal.

Macrame Jewelry: The Growing Preference

What started as an ancient textile-making technique has now developed into a profitable jewelry trade. Apparently, the growing preference for natural-looking accessories has paved the way for the artisans to continue producing handmade macrame ornaments. But why would people choose these accessories over the more established and practically timeless metal jewelry? Here are the top three reasons:

Macrame Jewelry - Peruvian Macrame NecklaceArtisan-Quality Accessories – Since the process of making macrame jewelry involves knotting of cords, this art style has the advantage of being carefully manufactured and inspected for quality. The first thing that often comes to mind when talking about handmade products is the image of skilled workers manually producing their crafts for hours. While the production rate of this venture may not match those of the bigger companies, the small jewelers are able to maintain craftsmanship in all of their accessory pieces.

No machinery can ever produce a macrame. In fact, not even a knitting needle is used to create such exquisite patterns—they are completely made by hands. Given that the artisans don’t have the benefit of using mechanical equipments, they have to depend on their skills and develop a keen eye for details to ensure that the finished jewelry items have passed the market standards.

Macrame Jewelry - Peruvian Macrame BraceletVersatility – Unlike metal accessories, the use of macrame jewelry is not confined by occasion. Although it may not have the sparkle of gold and silver, at least it has a distinctive charm which makes it suitable for any wardrobe and style. Peruvian macrame accessories are such examples of versatile fashion articles. With the skillful use of Andean gemstones and various beads, the knotted wax cord instantly turn into classic pieces which can be worn for both casual and formal affairs.

Compared to the designs of the previous years, today’s line of macrame accessories are made more stylish. This way, even those with refined tastes may consider wearing knotted cord jewelry for a change.

Macrame JewelryRare Designs – The best thing about macrame is that it produces a variety of patterns that are not commonly found in many metal accessories. A skilled jeweler can create an endless list of unique motifs by simply applying many possible combinations of knots, beads and precious stones. It may take some time to produce a masterpiece, yet once it is complete, one can simply admire the workmanship that goes with its creation.

The macrame accessories from Peru have become globally popular because of their culture-inspired designs. The influence of the Andean civilizations can be observed in many of its conceptual motifs. These items are considered rare finds and only exclusive to Peruvian macrame jewelry.

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