Shipping and Returns


Ordering an item from PeruAndArts.com? We can ship to virtually any address in the world.

Delivery Time

When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping options you choose. Shipping date estimates will appear in the order form. After placing your order, you will see both shipping and delivery date estimates in the order confirmation e-mail and in the order summary in Your Account.

Calculating Cost

Shipping costs for orders from PeruAndArts.com depend upon the method and option, you choose.

If you choose to group items into as few shipments as possible, you will be charged for one regular per-shipment fee, as well as a per-item fee for each item in that shipment.

If you choose to ship items as soon as they become available, we will charge you full per-shipment fees for each shipment as well as a per-item fee for each item.

Return Policy

  • If the reason for your return is due to PeruAndArts.com error, we will take full responsibility with any additional costs that may incur with the order.
  • If the reason for your return is due to customer error, the customer is responsible for all costs incurred including shipping and handling in order to complete the transaction to full satisfaction of the customer.
  • Return/exchanges will not be accepted if customer is at fault for damaging the goods.
  • If you are returning merchandise, the customer must use a courier company that offers a tracking system like DHL, UPS, TNT, or other. This enables us to track any packages if necessary. The customer must also insure the packages since they are responsible for its contents.
  • Return/exchange all items in its original packaging.
  • If for any reason the customer needs to make a return, the customer initial step must be to contact us by email where we will assign you a confirmation number for the return. The customer will then have 15 days from the date the confirmation number was assigned to return the package to our company.