Mario Curasi

About Mario Curasi

The art from its beginnings in Altamira, Lascaux, has been the representation of effort, a conquest of a longing, and has been intimately linked to their environment, to nature, to his time. The artist has ritualized in images the chore of men in its various facets, the devotion to the mystery of love or death, is the fascination to clash great battles for justice or freedom, or the touching documentation of bleak existence and loneliness.

In Peru there was a chronicler like no one in his time that portrayed domination to which they were bowed; those who had been owners of these lands before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala took advantage of drawing and brief texts to denounce in his time and for posterity, he characterizes what is called "the development of civilizations" Man in his expansive profit eagerness, devastates territories where not mind exterminating ancient customs, ecosystems and other human beings with cruelty.

It is why the artist's sensibility cannot be silent. Mario Curasi was born in Cusco; he comes from the generation of artists from the eighties, a time of Peru convulsed by "civil war". As the artist mentioned in interviews, this marked him and his generation. Today we have it here presenting this new proposal, which mixes arts as serigraphy, photography and visual arts. These various techniques are combined precisely to denounce a present and urgent issue as the problem of mining in Peru; that is, the establishment of foreign extractive companies in places inhabited by villagers historically that have been forgotten.

The creation of art, as conceived by Mario Curasi, is the commitment to life; those pictures of women mother, of the girl and the lamb, the sacralization and desacralization in play, they may be like the first artistic that man engraved on the rocks, the remains of that ancient link between human beings and nature. A return required to create a better future.