Cesar Aguilar (Chillico)

About Cesar Aguilar

If laughter is a short circuit in the electrical network of the human body, then Chillico is a high voltage shock in the mood of the person, but at the beginning the story did not begin well.

Chillico emerged in 1993 as a reaction of three unemployed artists: Cesar Aguilar, Luciano Olazábal and Fritz. It was a graphic outrage against coup of Fujimori. Emerged morally obliged by the political circumstances, in the right time, when everyone used to bow to the "son of the rising sun” that a day believed himself he was the owner of Peru.

From its pages came expressions of protest that all people of Cusco felt for someone so horribly cynical and manic that embodied every day as the best president ever in Peru.

While Lima cheers the dictator, Cusco became a new way of opinion to recalcitrant times and others simply explosive, like a car bomb of humor.

That blend of radical and explosive style was named Chillico, in homage to a grasshopper insect, that can't support the human filth. Chillico lived from hand to mouth, sometimes asking for help to friends to find basic funding. One of those first folks to which should remember with affection is Vladimiro Valer, a Chuspitakana courageous lawyer who got funds from the public charity for the preservation of the Andean humor in Peru.